Saturday 25 October 2014

HK Magazine : Interview with Dr. Kim

Hong Kong Magazine

Interview with Dr. Kim is updated in the Beauty Column by WINNIE, 

one of popular bloggers in HK: 

Broadcaster as well as a popular blogger from Hong Kong, Winnie, uploaded her interview with Dr. Kim Byung Gun on the magazine.

In her column, she introduced Dr. Kim Byung Gun first, who has operated her nose surgery from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital. During the interview, Winnie asked Dr. Kim about the best symmetric facial type and how to define the trendiest symmetrical look.

For those questions, Dr. Kim said individual face could be divided by three parts: upper-midfacial-lower face. Normally ideal face was defined as having an equal ratio among all three parts; however, today people prefer to have a baby face which is recommended to have a little longer upper facial height.

Besides talking about the ratio, Dr. Kim also said, although patients bring some pictures of celebrities very often and want to have similar look after surgery, Dr. Kim strongly advises plastic surgery must be followed by an individual case and therefore precise consultation must be completed.

Winnie strongly agreed with Dr. Kim’s above answer. Winnie also added that people should be careful because unnecessary surgery or treatments could bring his or her unnatural result. 

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