Wednesday 30 July 2014

Heart-shape Hip up Surgery

"Heart-shape Hip up Surgery" 

by Bk Plastic Surgery Hospital

I'm bringing Sexy back~♪ 
Sounds familiar? 
Nowadays, there are a lot of people with perfect face and even bust, 
it is time for everyone to put more attention to the, so called a 'back line'.

The true Beauty of back line - completes with a perfect hip.
Let's find out 'Heart-shape Hip up surgery (hip augmentation)' at BK Hospital :D

If there is 'Line' on your face from Forehead - Nose - Jaw,
there's 'Back line' starts from Waist, Hip to Thigh.

BK Plastic Surgery with Many experiences on hip surgery applies - 
customized surgical methods and designs considering each individual's body line.
Thus, BK hip augmentation creates satisfactory results with naturally enhanced curves.

▶ A Photo of who had the Heart-shape hip up surgery at BK ◀

How does hip augmentation proceed?
At BK Plastic Surgery, there are two different surgical methods to create a beautiful curve

[Using Implants]
- for those, who want to maintain beautiful hip line as they are right after the surgery, we recommend implants.

[Autologous Fat Grafting]
- for those, who do not want any implants in their body, we recommend autologous fat grafting.

Having troubles with flat and droopy hips? Never worn skinny jeans with confidence?

We will find your confidence and killer silhouette back for you at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
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