Thursday 24 July 2014

'MEDIPOST Stem Cell Graft' by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

[For your natural Forehead Fat Graft]
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!

Not satisfied with flat forehead? Always busy to close it with your bangs?
But still, unnatural forehead implants are not desirable.

Well, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has answer for you

'Natural Beauty' is always the best concern of our Hospital.
How can possibly make it visible as if it originally was MY forehead?
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital says;
"The answer is - material we use" 

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses
Patient's own fat to restore volume and create a more youthful appearance

▶ BK MEDIPOST steam cell graft ◀

these results can be enhanced further by including 
the body's own naturally-derived stem cells.

* What is stem cell?
Stem cells are recognized as a potential regenerative tool
that may be beneficial in a wide variety of medical therapies in reconstructive surgery
and in a multitude of other medical disciplines.

One of them is ADSCs (Adipose-Derived stem cells) being processed
from one's own body FAT and yield a few thousand times more Stem Cells
than other known sources.
It secrets a favorable cytokine profile that is angiogenic, immunosuppressive, and antioxidative.
Also since the source is the patient itself,
the incidence of rejection and infection are virtually non-existence.

As Autologous fat grafting or lipofilling, in which an individual's own fat 
is harvested to increase the volume of fat in another area of their body, 
is being used in reconstructive surgery.

▶ Conventional fat graft VS BK MEDIPOST Stem cell graft ◀

However, Recent studies have shown that
fat grafts enriched with culture-expanded adipose [fat]-derived stem cells (ADSCs)
can substantially improve graft survival.

▶ BK Medipost Stem Cell laboratory ◀
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital endeavors to raise the quality of stem cell-enriched fat graft procedure
by affiliating with MEDIPOST, the front runner in stem cell technology and regenerative medicine.
Since BK and MEDIPOST together check the quality of stem cell very carefully and safely, 
its aftermath of treatments is highly gratified by patients.

Many of who visit to the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
work in the field of professional jobs with tidy hair.

We offer the best consultation with 1:1 individual design 
before 'Stem Cell Graft' for each patient.

That's why you should choose MEDIPOST stem cell graft,
And have the beautiful and natural forehead!

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