Tuesday 20 August 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] How to make pretty leg (Liposuction on thigh and calf)

BK Plastic Surgery
How to make pretty leg (Liposuction on thigh and calf)

If you wish to have long and slender leg line, be sure to check out this post. 
I will share information on how to make pretty leg. 
Exercising and daily habit will drastically transform your leg line. 

How to make pretty leg

- Move leg often
You do a lot of exercise making your move leg often. Riding a bicycle, swimming, and taking a walk is good for your healthy leg.

- Cold shower for leg
Hot tub hinders one's leg be slender. Shower is better than hot tub, and cool it down

- Put pillow underneath leg
Your chest should be pointing upward compared to leg, and this will reduce the amount of blood volume from heart to leg.

-Wear compressive tights
When you spend a day with not much of your body moving, be sure to wear compressive tights. 

Recommended by BK Plastic Surgery Liposuction on thigh/hip
Thigh/hip that are relatively larger compared to the upper torso, are not always aesthetically pleasing. Exercise and diet, in this case, often affect other parts of body except thigh and hip. It is important to maintain a proportional balance by removing fat all around the thigh from the upper hip down the knee. Removal of cellulite keeps the skin surface smooth and removing fat from hips results in a longer and straighter looking lower body

Recommended by BK Plastic Surgery Calf/Ankle

Slim calves and thin ankles are requisites for the ideal body shape. Before surgery, it is important to find out whether calves are fatty or muscular

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