Thursday 16 January 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] BK Style "Dark Circle Correction"

Today, we would like to share our BK Style Dark Circle Correction Methods:

1. WHAT are the dark circles & WHY do we have them?  

*Dark Circles are due to weakened shield covering fat underneath eyelid that causes bulging and shadowy appearance. 

Individuals with dark circles may look aged or fatigue, so correction must be considered. 

2. HOW do we take them off? 

In order to correct dark circles underneath of eyes, 

we could simply cut inner surface of lower eyelids for 5mm.

Then, remove unnecessary fat carefully.  

3, Another Method: "Fat Relocation"

There are three steps in this procedure:

1) Resect near the lower eye lashes. 
2) Make a partial removal of excess fat.
3) Relocate remaining fat to broad area and fix it firmly. 

4. Surgical Method: Autologous Fat Graft 

  • Dark Circle Correction Using Autologous Fat:
Grafting excess fat from own thighs, hips, and abdomen is another method to correct dark circles, and also known for body contouring effect since the procedure grafts unnecessary fat from own body.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has developed to increase survival rate of grafted fat cells to enhance lasting period and results of the procedure. 

***MUST REMEMBER before Fat grafting
Since fat grafting is considered as a challenging procedure that it might cause lumps or over-absorption of fat due to misinjection, the procedure must be performed by a specialist. 

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