Wednesday 15 January 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] Are You Thinking about getting Facial Contouring ?

If you would love to try BK style facial contouring, there are several things you have to be aware of before the surgery. 

Facial contouring at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is Different!


*There have been NO medical accidents, blood transfusion, or any other emergency situation since 1997*

We value safety as our first priority for all facial contouring operations.

Rule #1

Patients of BK are considered as a part of BK's Family ! 

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital offers an overnight hospital care service after each facial contouring operation. Over 30 specialized staffs are stationed to provide care to patients in all times. 

Rule #2

We maintain the latest equipment for your Safety ! 

Rule #3

Safe anesthesia and painless post-operative treatments are our goals. 

For any possible emergency during surgery, professional anesthesiologists monitor patients throughout the entire procedure. We make sure to provide the best anesthesia care during and after each operation. 

Rule #4

Safety guaranteed at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital comes from many years of professional experience and expertise. 

Our experience and techniques are priceless assets that ensure safe, satisfying results. 

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  1. Dr. Kim botched my eye surgery and will not pay the 2,000,000 WON fine by the government appointed Korean Consumer Agency. Click Purse Forum for more info.