Monday 29 July 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Short Nose Extension/Upturned Nose Correction

BK Plastic Surgery
Short Nose Extension/Upturned Nose Correction

1. Features of short nose and upturned nose

Short nose indicates a short length between the beginning of the nose and the tip. Upturned nose can be either a short length with entire nose being elevated or a long length with tip being upturned. Depending on the shapes of nose, such conditions can be corrected by using autologus tissue or septal cartilage.

2. Important features on the short and upturned nose. 

Ideal length of nose is 1/3 of overall face length. Ideal angle between nose top and nose bridge is 45 degree.

3. Surgical Methods of Short Nose Extension

- Autologous Cartilage Insertion on the tip

A moderately upturned or short nose can be lengthened by inserting autologous cartilage (septal cartilage or ear cartilage) between alar cartilage and septal cartilage. 

- Nose extension with septal cartilage

This method is used when autoplasty does not adequately lengthen the nose. After nose wing cartilage and the interior carilage are separated, the upturned or short tip is pulled down, and septal carilage is inserted to prevent the tip from being pulled back up.

Using silicone doesn't guarantee you the success of surgery.
With precise diagnosis, your surgery will turned out to be satisfactory with suitable surgery method. 

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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