Tuesday 23 July 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Pre&Post operative Instructions-Breast Surgery

BK Plastic Surgery
Pre&Post operative Instructions-Breast Surgery

When it comes to summer, many of you are stressed out for your small breast. 
Blog manager BK is proud to present Breast Surgery of BK Plastic Surgery to you for your fulfilling summer.
Therefore, i will share some information about pre&post operative instructions on breast surgery, which does decisive role in determining the success of surgery.

<Pre-Operative instructions>
1. You must stop smoking and drinking 1 week prior to surgery.
2. Your medication must be verified with doctor during consultation.
3. Take medicine for blood pressure, diabetes, and thyroid with a little amount of water in the morning of surgery
4. You must avoid eating and drinking including water 6~8 hours prior to surgery.
5. You must not drive without a guardian on the day of surgery.
6. You must wear comfortable clothes with no accessories and must erase all make-up including nail polish before coming to hospital.
7. You must clean surgical or incision site;you must shave armpits before coming to hospital.

<Post-Operative instructions>
1. Severe swelling is expected 1~3 days after surgery, but gradually disappears. 70~80% of swelling subsides within 2 months, and the rest disappears after 6 months.
2. Pain on surgical site stays for 3~4 days after surgery.
3. Stitches are removed after 5 days, and outpatient treatment for breast massage begins on 7th day. 
4. Drainage bag may be required, but it will be removed on the next day.
5. Sitting position for 1 week is preferred over supine position to promote fast recovery.
6. You must wear compressive bra or bandage to firm implant placement continuously for 1~2 months

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