Saturday 16 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Eyelid surgery: Lateral Hotz's(Outer corner reshaping)

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Eyelid surgery: Lateral Hotz's(Outer corner reshaping)

Beside of double eyelid surgery,
there are various methods of eyelid surgery
as inner or outer corner fold removal.

Today we are talking about lateral hotz's(Outer corner reshaping).

It is to make eyes look bigger and attractive
by lowering the outer surface of eyelids.

Invented by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, this method is famous for leaving no scar
since incision is made through inner conjunctiva of eyes
and currently used in other hospitals with different names.

More effective results can be achieved
by having outer corner extension along with lateral hotz.

If you are dissatisfied
even after inner corner fold removal and outer corner extension.

Also if you have too short vertical length of eyes,
slanted eyes and the distance between eyes being too close
due to inner corner fold removal,
you are a good candidate for this method, lateral hotz's.

Significance of Lateral Hotz

Eyes may look bigger by extending the outer corner.
Slanted eyes can be corrected.
The distance between outer corner and canthus
is measured precisely before surgery.
Incision through the depression of outer corner
enables scar to be invisible.

Lateral Hotz FAQ

Can lateral hotz be performed
in cases where outer corner extension is impossible?

In case of sunken eyes, there is not enough space to make outer corner extension.
If the outer corner extension is performed by force,
unnatural appearance can be resulted due to redness formed around outer corner.
Thus, lateral hotz can maximize the results of outer corner extension in such cases.

If you are interested in Lateral Hotz's(outer corner reshaping),
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  1. It largely depends on personal condition, but in case of non-incisional double eyelid surgery, it usually takes about 1~2 weeks to subside major swelling.
    You should apply packs -ice & warm following the clinic's instruction which you got surgery- on surgical area frequently. Thank you!