Friday 15 March 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Facial bone contouring: Facial Asymmetry Correction

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Facial Contouring: Facial Asymmetry Correction

Everyone has some degree of  facial asymmetry, 
in this case a center-line of face looks twisted.

If the symptom is mild, there is no necessity to get treatment, 
but if sever, you should get facial asymmetry correction.

Those with asymmetrical face tend to suffer from low self-esteem
due to their unbalanced appearances and inaccurate pronunciation.

Facial asymmetry must to be corrected also because of malocclusion
which induces temporomandibular disorders, 
uncomfortable masticatory muscle movements, and digestive problems.

Facial asymmetry surgeries fall into largely two categories 
depending on the degree of asymmetry.

- Slanted lips and crooked chin

This is a condition of misaligned upper and lower jaws,
usually combined with malocclusion.

It should be treated with two jaw surgery and orthodontic treatments. 

- Asymmetrical Jaw Shape 

Asymmetrically grown jaw bone can be corrected 
through facial contouring procedures 
such as cheekbone reduction and square jaw reduction. 

Asymmetrical Development of Subcutaneous Fat and Muscles

Fat graft, liposuction, and masticatory muscle reduction
are used to correct such symptom. 

Surgical Methods of Facial Asymmetry Correction

Skewed Lower Jaw without Slanted Occlusal Surface:  Mandibular Surgery

Mandibular (lower jaw) surgery cuts the posterior area of mandible and
pushes in the entire jaw to be overlapped.

1.     Lower jaw is resected behind the molars,
and entire lower jaw including lower teeth are pushed in.

2.     Rough edges are smoothed before bones are firmly fixed.

Slanted Occlusal Surface and Crooked Facial Midline: Two Jaw Surgery

Two-Jaw surgery involves with osteotomy of both upper jaw (maxilla)
and lower jaw (mandible) to reposition them.

Rough edges are smoothed out and bones are reattached when in position. 

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