Thursday 24 January 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Love Band Augmentation

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Love Band Augmentation

Have you heard about Love Band Augmentation?


Love Band Augmentation is a method to make a fullness below the lower eyelashes 
by using several kind of material such as own fat, filler or alloderm.

It helps someone look young and cute.  

Today we are talking about Love Band Augmentation.

Love band procedure is designed to mimic the youthfulness 
that occurs naturally in skin just below the lower eyelashes.

Love band using autologous tissues developed 
by Dr. Shin Yong Ho, the director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is 
to create love band using  autologous tissues extracted from your hips.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Significance of Love band augmentation using autologous tissues

This method is suitable for those who are uncomfortable 
with artificial material such as artificial tissues or fillers.

It has short recovery period and high satisfaction rate 
due to soft texture of love band.

It looks very natural since it blends very well with your skin tone.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Surgical method of love band augmentation using autologous tissue

1. Extract autologous tissues from your hips.

2. Make a slight incision on in and out side of lower eyelids.

3. Insert autologous tissues into where love band should be created.

4. Suture the incision site.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Surgical information of love band augmentation using autologous tissue

Duration: Approximately 1 hour

Anesthesia: Local anesthesia with IV sedation

Stitch removal: For under eyes 5~7 days after surgery
For tissue extracted site 7~10 days after surgery

Recovery period: 1 week 
(Facial wash after stitch removal, make up 2 weeks after stitch removal) 
Major swelling subsides 2~3 days after surgery.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital
Various surgical method of Love band augmentation


There are various surgical method of love band augmentation 
by using alloderm(artificial tissues), fat grafting or fillers.

You should have a thorough consultation with surgeon first 
to figure out what procedure is best for your condition.

If you are interested in love band augmentation, 
please visit BK Plastic Surgery today for more information on plastic surgery 
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