Friday 25 January 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] How to get slim calves

How to get slim calves

Foot Spa

Large and bulky calves make women unhappy and frustrated.
How can we get more thin and slimmer calves?

If you want to get quick result,  
you can consider having calf reduction by neurectomy or radio frequency.
However, if you'd like to find less invasive way, foot spa can be a good choice.

Today, let us figure out how to get slim calves by foot spa!

If you are interested in calf reduction procedures,
please visit the following web page,

[How To Make A Foot Spa]

1.Heat water til around 38~40 degrees.

 2. Set a bowl of water. 

3. Soak your feet into water for 2~30 minutes.

[Caution for Foot Spa] 

1. Keep drinking water during foot spa
for hydration and a fast metabolism.

2. Do not do a foot spa right before and after meal
just in case for indigestion.

3. Maintain water temperature.

4. Take a rest after a foot spa.

Get slim calves with foot spa for summber vacation!

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