Monday 24 December 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] Rhinoplasty: Nose Augmentation

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Rhinoplasty: Nose Augmentation

New standards of Beauty
Sharp yet sophisticated nose!

The most important aspect of nose surgery is 
to achieve the harmonious state with the rest of facial composition.

Today, we will talk about rhinoplasty: 
nose augmentation of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

☞ Features of Nose Augmentation

Ideal height of nose

Angle between nose bridge and forehead: 115~135 degrees
Angle between columella and philtrum: 95~105 degrees

Nose augmentation can create defined and sophisticated appearance 
which may otherwise seem unattractive because of law nose bridge.


☞ Surgical methods of Nose Augmentation

1. A space to insert an implant is secured between skin and cartilage.
2. Appropriated implant material is inserted to form a desired nose shape.
3. Autogolous cartilage graft is sometimes performed on the tip
to keep the bridge and the tip in balance.

*Height and length of Nose

Level of adjustments is determined based on the proportional balance.

*Nose bridge

A natural-looking shape is crafted with implants 
that are chosen with consideration of skin thickness and bone width.

*Nose tip

Autologous cartilage is grafted 
in order to avoid redness or skin thinning on the tip. 

Slight upturned tip make the nose more attractive 
from the frontal and side angle.

* Duration:: Nose bridge 30minutes / Nose bridge + tip 1 hour to 1 hour 30 minutes 
* Anesthesia:: Local anesthesia with IV sedation
* Swelling pattern:: 70~80% of swelling subsides in 4~5 days
Natural appearance in 3~4 months
* Recovery period:: Removal of stitches and splint 5~7 days after surgery

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  1. Is it possible to conserve the original bottom shape of the nose after a rhinoplasty

    1. Hi, smita. Thank you for your inquiry in BK hospital. If you send your frontal and side photos to, we will reply immediately and discuss about your condition. We are looking forward to getting your email soon. Have a nice day!