Monday 17 December 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] Have you heard about Eyelid Levator Muscle Weakness Correction?

 How to improve sleepy looking eyes

Eyes play a critical role to make a first impression.
If you are considering having eyelid surgery, 
it should be carefully decided.    

Eyelid surgery is the most popular and common surgery
among various plastic surgery procedures.

Today, we will talk about
BK's Eyelid Levator Muscle Weakness Correction.

- Eyelid Levator Muscle Weakness Correction
of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

 Eyelid Levator Muscle Weakness Correction is
a method to shorten the levator muscle with incision
along the inner surface of eyelid or eyelid crease.

The sleepy looking eyes making someone look tired 
can be corrected by levator muscle weakness correction. 

- Cases requiring Eyelid Levator Muscle Weakness Correction

1. Severely asymmetrical eyes

2. Desire to have bigger eyes

 3. No change or dissatisfactory appearance
after double eyelid surgery

4. Sleepy eyes

- Surgical method of Levator Muscle Weakness Correction

Incision is made along double eyelid line designed in advance before surgery.
And suture along the crease after tying or removing the levator muscle.  

- Significance of Eyelid Levator Muscle Weakness Correction

1. Levator muscle weakness correction with double eyelid surgery results better
than levator muscle weakness correction only.
2. The strength of levator muscle must be balanced in both eyes by constantly blinking during the procedure.

3. The appearance of pupils in both eyes must be equally adjusted.  


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