Wednesday 5 December 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] Breast Reduction

Hi, today we will talk about breast reduction.

Female breast is the powerful symbol of femininity.
But, ironically oversized breast could be a worry for someone.
Breast reduction at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital can solve this problem.

What is Breast Reduction?

For big breasts, skin is expanded along with breast tissues.
Generally, women with large breasts has sagging skin on breasts
that reduction on both skin and breast tissue must be performed.

Breast reduction should be considered carefully
even more than breast augmentation
since not only its size but also tissue and shape of breast needs to be regarded.

Now, check the surgical method of breast reduction out!

Surgical method of Breast reduction

1. Keyhole Incision


- Characteristics of Keyhole incision

It is almost invisible scar left
sinc incision is made along areola darkened.

This method is suitable for slight reduction and droopiness,
and for young women with more elasticity in their skin.  

-Surgical method of Keyhole incision
The breast tissue and expanded skin will be removed
through the incision made along with areola.

Surgical method of Breast reduction

2. LeJour Incision

- Characteristics of LeJour Incision

 This surgical method is suitable for all types of breasts,
but experienced medical specialists only can perform the procedure
due to its complexity.

The existing method, Anchor incision, is good for big breasts, but has possibility of scar, while keyhole incision has a limitation on size reduction. This LeJour incision is the intergration of those methods to enhance the result.

- Surgical method of LeJour Incision 
Incision is made in circular shape around the areola
and vertically from the areolar down the front of the breasts to the chest wall for 4~5cm.  

Surgical method of Breast reduction

3. Anchor Incision


-Characteristic of Anchor Incision

It is suitable for large and flaccid breasts.
The surgical scar is unavoidable yet dramatic result can be acheived.

-Surgical method of Anchor Incision

Incision is made in circular shape around the areola
and vertically from the areolar down the front of the breasts to the chest wall for 4~5cm, and horizontally across the underside fold of breasts.  

Surgical method of Breast reduction

4. Liposuction


-Characteristic of Anchor Incision

This procedure is relatively simple producing no scar.
It is suitable for obese patients with more fat tissue
and less mammary glands in breasts.

-Surgical method of Breast reduction
Selectively fat cells is destroyed to reduce the size of breasts.

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