Monday 10 December 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] 5 Best Tea for Your Skin


How was your weekend?
In Korea, it was very cold because of heavy snow. 

Hot tea is a must at this cold weather!
Among various types of tea, some teas are very good for your skin.
Today, let's talk about the TEA for skin!  

Tea for Your Skin 1. Barley Tea 

Barley tea has a delicate flavor,
and it is very convenience to reach in loose grains, tea bags or prepared tea drinks.

It is traditionally used for detoxification, to improve digestion
and for urinary tract infections, among other applications.

Try to drink it frequently!

Tea for Your Skin 2. Green Tea 

Everyone knows that green tea is good for skin.

Drinking green tea is very effective not only for skin, also losing weight.

Green tea contains a lot of Katekin that stimulats the body burn the calories
and polifenol which helps you fight against aging. 

Tea for Your Skin 3. Solomon's Seal tea
Solomon's Seal tea also has very delicate flavor like barley tea.
This tea has been used in several countries for a long time to heal varius ailment.

It is very helpful to prevent having adult diseas
and effective to reestablish energe to the tired body.

And this Solomon's seal tea gets rid of free active oxigen
that prevent aging and dark circle.   

Tea for Your Skin 4. Asian Apricot Tea

Asian Apricot Tea ,called digestive medicine, is very good to drink
when you feel heavy in the stomach.

And it has exellent detoxifying properties that helps to improve acne.
Get a clear skin with Asian Apricot Tea! 

Tea for Your Skin 5. Job's tears tea

Job's Tears Tea, called Yulmu tea in Korean, is used
for fading dark spots and skin whitening.

It has several effect that help for fatigue recovery
and promoting the circulation of the blood.

If you are worried about acne, please try to have it!  

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