Wednesday 12 December 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] Accusculpt, one of body contouring

Hello~ This is BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
Today, we will talk about Accusculpt, one of body contouring procedures.

Accusculpt is a specialized laser equipment for liposuction 
which has the meaning of "Carving" fat tissues. 
Accusculpt effectively dissolves fat!

Accusculpt = Accurate + Sculpt

Many people spend a lot of time and money 
to get into shape and lose weight for a slim figure. 

However, for some stubborn fat which cannot be removed by diet and exercise only, 
Accusculpt can be a good solution.

Check the characteristic of Accusculpt out!

1. Delicate, painless operation

Accusculpt has a thin 0.3 mm thick cannular for simple and painless operation 
which also guarantees short recovery periods. 

Additionally, it can be used on chin, cheeks and cheekbone area, 
standard liposuction cannot be performed on.

2. FDA approved

Accusculpt's reliabilitly is proven by clinical trials.

Performed under local anesthesia, Accusculpt operation places 
no psychological burden of general anesthesia on patients.

 3. It is safe!

Precise and accurate operation is safe 
without the danger of damaging normal tissues. 

Also micro laser treatment cause no complications such as scar, bruises and swellings.

4. Short operation and increases skin elasticity 

The special patented 1444 nm wavelength laser,
 removes fat cells accurately and quickly, 
greatly shortening the duration of operation.

Stimulation of dermal collagen prevents 
skin irregularity or sagginess after surgery.


Which area is suitable for Accusclpt?

Accusculpt can be used on lower eyelid fat, nasolabial fold, 
double chin or sagging chin, cheeks and droopy lip corner. 

Dermal collagen is also stimulated for added effect of elasticity increase.

 BK Accusculpt Before & After

Today, we talked about Accusculpt.
The most characteristic of Accusculpt is the safety by using laser treatment, 

If you are distressed by excess fat or aging skin, 
please visit BK Plastic Surgery today for more information on plastic surgery 
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