Monday 13 August 2012

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Magic Circle, Ptosis Correction

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital Magic Circle Ptosis Eyelid Correction

Advanced expertise in eyelid surgery, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
I'm going to tell you about Magic Circle Ptosis Eyelid Correction today. 

The first one is normal and second one below is ptosis eyelid. 
What is ptosis eyelid?

It is a drooping or falling of the upper eyelid when the individual's muscles are tired.
The drooping eyelid can cause covering pupil of your eye 
so it makes you look somewhat drowsy and sleepy. 

Cases Requiring Ptosis Correction
1. Sleepy eyes
2. No change or dissatisfactory appearance after double eyelid surgery
3. Desire to have bigger eyes
4. Severely asymmetrical eyes

 The surgical method of ptosis eyelid correction

Few things you need to know

Ptosis Correction with double eyelid surgery results better than ptosis correction only. 

The strength of levator muscle must be balanced in both eyes
 by constantly blinking during procedure. 
The appearance of pupils in both eyes must be equally adjusted. 

The ptosis eyelid surgery takes 1 hour and major swelling disappears after 1-2 week.

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