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Beautiful Face, Forehead Contouring

Beautiful Face, Forehead Contouring

Forehead contouring is to transform a depressed, flat, small or big forehead 
into a beautiful shape.

There are several different types of forehead 
so it is important that each patient should check 
which surgical method would be proper.

Key Points of Forehead Contouring

① The distance between hairline and eyebrows 
should be the same as the distance between eyebrows and the nose tip. 
② Smooth round contour in profile
③ Round and full
④ Should not be partially depressed or elevated. 
⑤ Smooth curve on each side of the forehead

Depressed Forehead

A generally depressed forehead emphasizes eyebrow bones resulting in a masculine appearance. A partially  depressed forehead looks asymmetric. These conditions may be corrected by filling up the depressed areas.

Large Forehead

Creating a concave can make large forehead look smaller.

Flat Forehead

Such condition as flat forehead requires more volume in general.

Narrow Forehead

Slightly exaggerated concave on the forehead can create enlarged appearance.

 Surgical Methods of Forehead Contouring

1. Implant Insertion

It is a surgical method of adding volume to the general area of forehead by inserting a silicone implant which is customized to fit each individual’s forehead shape.

* Forehead attains more defined looks.
* Inserted implant is semi-permanent as it does not get absorbed or deformed. 
* Custom designed implants yield satisfactory results.
* Incision mark is concealed by hair.
* Implants are easily removable in case of complication.

Recovery and Care after Surgery 
1. Compression garment is worn for 2~3 days.
2. Severe swelling appears 2-3 days after surgery for which an ice pack needs to be applied.
3. Its advised to avoid any tension on facial muscles until the implant is fixed in place. 
4. After 7-10 days, stitches can be removed and daily activities such as washing hair may be undertaken.
5. Swelling mostly  subsides  after 2 weeks with the forehead looking natural. 
6. Complete recovery is made in 2-3 months.
7. Light activities such as office work and walking  are allowed after a week from surgery. 
8. It is best to avoid tilting head down for a while.
9. Avoiding smoking and drinking alcohol helps fast recovery.

2. Autologous Fat Graft

Grafting excess fat from own thighs, hips, and abdomen is another method to create love band, and also known for body contouring effect since the procedure  grafts unnecessary fat from your own body. BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has developed to  increase survival rate of grafted fat cells to enhance lasting period and results of the procedure.

 Recovery and Care after Surgery
1. Working and other normal daily activities are allowed after 2-4 days of surgery. 
2. Slow absorption of grafted fat begins after 3 weeks and continues for 3 months. 
Unabsorbed fat injection after this period remains nearly permanently.
3. After 3 months of examining the progress, additional fat graft may be performed in parts using reserved fat if needed.

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