Thursday 5 July 2012

Tips for getting SILKY HAIR!

G'day Everyone!
Rainy season has come in Korea :)

We'll be looking at few tips to have great hair today. 

Jun, Ji-Hyun's silky hair. Everyone wants to have.
You can also get silky hair like her by just changing your life style

I've got to tell you how to have beautiful hair. 


TIP 1. Wash your face at least twice a day

this will get rid of bacteria and germs on your face 
which can lead to your hair getting dirty.
Use good products that you know will be good for your hair.

TIP 2. Do not brush your hair too much when you wash your hair

This can cause oil and grease to build up,
and also can irritate the scalp badly. 
This MEANS the hair root could be damaged 
Consequently, it can have a bad influence on growing your hair.
SO!! Again I say, please wash your hair smoothly. 

TIP 3. When you dry your hair, don't rub it with the towel. 

Wet/damp hair is the weakest state. 
So, if you rub/dry it with a towel, there are major chances some will fall out.
It can also irritate not only your hair but also the scalp. You can blot it. 
You could also dry it with a blow dryer, but not too often. 
Try to use cool air when you use dryer. 

The best way to have silky hair is to let your hair dry naturally,
but if you really want to dye hair or have a perm, and need to use a hairdressing tools.
Try not to use them and have a perm frequently. 
Your hair should be protected from curlers, straighteners etc.

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