Tuesday 10 July 2012

Things to know when DIETING

Things to know when dieting

1. EAT healthier food

Those who have failed lots of times losing weight often rely on sports supplements such as fat blaster, cellulite burner tablets or other some sort of powder. 
Try not to take these things. They don't help you lose weight and can even ruin your physical condition. Prepare some healthier foods for yourself everyday. For example, tofu and veges which contain a small amount of calories are good foods that you are supposed to take daily basis. 

2. Don't eat while watching TV.   

Many studies have proven that people tend to eat much when watching TV.
Unconsciously, you would take more calories than you need when you focus on one thing like watching TV. So it is a good idea to prepare a bowl and put adequate amount of food in it. 

3. Check your weight everyday

Weighing yourself regularly helps to keep you accountable. It also keeps weight loss at the forefront of your mind . It is a useful part of a successful diet and exercise program. It keeps you accountable. It also motivates you to do things differently if what you’re doing isn't working. For example, if you're keep gaining weight over a week, then you need to check your dietary changes that you've recently applied. 
A thing you need to remember is don't be too sensitive about a slight change :)

4. Work out at least 3 times a week. 

Keep your body fit!!
Cardio-exercise is really good for your health. 
Work out hard with weights(weight training) to maintain a toned body 

5. Eat fruit daily

Fruit contains a great amount of vitamin, water, dietary fibre and so forth. 
Eating various fruits can leave you feeling satisfied and can help you prevent constipation. 

6. Don't skip breakfast

Well balanced meal with carbohydrate, protein and a small amount of fat can also help you maintain blood sugar levels

7. Stay away from alcohol

Some people may think that having liquor without nibbles would be OK; however, drinking alcohol could promote your appetite. 

8. Sleep well.

Studies prove that sleeping 30mins longer than usual can contribute to prevent binge eating. 
When you don't sleep enough, you would probably try to have some junk food. So SLEEP WELL!!

9. Just imagine your appearance that you've been dreaming of. 

 When you feel weakened while dieting, imagine your future appearance that you've been dreaming of.

The color blue acts to calm the brain's appetite centre. 
It will help you lose appetite.  Some of you may realised why I wrote this post in blue colour font :)
BUT!! REMEMBER!! Do NOT try to eat nothing but try to reduce your calorie intake instead. 

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