Tuesday 28 February 2012

Cheekbone Reduction at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

*BK Plastic Surgery Hospital - the best place to get your cheekbone reduction*

Hello today we'd like to introduce BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's very own 3d Rotation Cheekbone Reduction. There are three types of cheekbones with the corresponding methods of reduction.

Laterally prominent cheekbones

Laterally prominent cheekbones gives the face rough masculine looks with shadows under the cheekbones. It may be a  good idea to give cheekbones a bit of trimming.

 Generally wide face

If your face looks wide because you have a large skull, reducing its width should help

Overdeveloped 45 degree cheekbones

Cheekbones that stick out under the eyes in profile is called overdeveloped 45 degree cheekbones. Reducing not only makes the face smaller but also younger.

With an understanding that each cheekbone reduction need to be made with a different emphasis for most dramatic effects, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital uses a special technique called 3D Rotation Cheekbone Reduction.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's 3D Rotation Cheekbone Reduction reshapes the entire facial bone structure including anterior, lateral, and 45 degree areas of cheekbones. It makes your face smaller and refines its general shape as well.

Cheekbones are rather complex structures with many other bone fragments,  3D Rotation Cheekbone Reduction makes use of X-ray and computerized digital imaging for a complete diagnosis of your bones and muscles before each surgery.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital well known for its facial contouring - especially cheekbone reduction. Click here to see some of the cheekbone reduction results


  1. recently i read article on Cheek reduction,How do I lose cheek fat without gaining cheek muscles? So my eyes are kinda close together, so it makes my face seem wider than others, and because of this, my cheeks also seem to look fatter.. so I decided to lose cheek fat but I don't want to replace it with cheek muscles or else it'll still be the same.

    1. Hi, Smita. Thank you for your continued interest in BK hospital. Why don't you send us your frontal and side pictures for precise online consultation, to bkhospitalenglish@gmail.com? We will give you more detailed information to enhance your condition. We are looking forward to hearing from you soon! Have a nice day!