Friday 24 February 2012

Get your square jaw reduction at BK

Get your square jaw reduction at BK

We, at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital have a special surgery technique; it's called  *Magic Mirror Square Jaw Reduction*. As the name implies, it involves a special mirror, an endoscope, and a set of surgical saw, all of which are custom-designed to trim the jaw bone in a large arc instead of removing the sticking ends of jaw. It really makes a difference to the front view of the face.

Everyone has a different-shaped chin which, only when balanced correctly, creates a smooth attactive jaw with rest of the jaw bone. Therefore the carving pattern needs be individually designed to make the best possible result.

Its important that curves that runs from just under the ears, all the way to the chin end, form large smooth concaves. But excessive trimming can leave unnatural straight-lined jaw.

Magic Mirror Square Jaw Reduction was developed and improved upon by our very own Dr. Hong since 1998.  Dr. Hong is easily the most experienced and skilled surgeon to perform Magic Mirror Square Jaw Reduction.

Also, an endoscope is used in this operation to accurately pin point the surgical sites - so that surgeries at BK are as safe and painless as possible. 

 Magic Mirror Square Jaw Reduction is a swift operation. It prevents swelling among with any side effects that can come from extensive anesthesia.

Surgery is performend under general anesthesia and lasts about an hour. 2~3 cm Incisions that are made inside the mouth is invisible from outside, is a big advantage. You wont have troubles eating once stitches are removed in about 7 days.

Check out our website to see some of Magic Mirror Sqaure Jaw Reduction's results. You will find more detailed information on sqaure jaw reduction as well.

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