Friday 2 March 2012

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital's Calf Reduction Surgery

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Today, we will talk about a bit about calf reduction at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

There are two methods of calf reduction - neurectomy and radio frequency.
Shall we learn about them in detail?

*Calf Muscle Reduction -  Neurectomy*

Neurectomy, also called  gastrocnemius volume reduction, paralyzes muscles by severing the nerves. Neurectomy is especially effective for people who want to reduce bulky medial calf muscles.

When nerves that are connected to gastrocnemius muscles, are severed, calves contract and shrink

The first step is to use a nerve stimulator to search calf-controlling nerves through 2~3 cm incisions behind the knee, along the joint wrinkles. 

Those nerves are then seperated into sensory and motor nerves. Only the motor nerve that controls medial calf muscles are severed. Operation takes bewteen 30 min and 1 hour under IV sedation.
You can then walk out of the hospital after a few hours of rest.

Legs, after surgery, can feel slightly tense but it shouldn't be a large nuisance during daily activities.
You should be able to start seeing its result ususally a month later. You should feel the clear difference after 3 months.

Calves finish their transformation between 3 to 6 months after surgery. Light exercises are perfectly fine during this period.

*Calf Muscle Reduction -  Radio frequency*

 Radio frequency, on the other hand, burns off calf muscles. It only involves a special needle that leaves no scares, bleeding, and minimal swelling.

Operation only needs a single surgery from which you will start seeing reduction of both lateral and medial calf muscles a month later, for 6 months.

Effectiveness of surgery really depends on the orginal size of the calves but most witness 5-6cm reduction in the circumference, which is actually quite dramatic.

Brief showers can be taken after about 24 hours from surgery but bathing should wait for a week. As in the case of neurectomy, hard exercises are best avoided for at least a month to make sure calves heal in smooth shapes.

 We got to know about calf reduction at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
 I recommend you visit their website and consult the specialists to find out which method would best suit you.     

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