Monday 22 August 2011

How to become a lady with a sharp nose - All about augmentation rhinoplasty

Recently, high nasal bridge is considered as his/her competitive power or pride.
However, a nose with high bridge that does not work in harmony with a face may draw unwelcome attention. In other words, it is not just to get nasal bridge higher, but it is to seek for a nose that works in harmony with a face, and the ultimate goal of rhinoplasty should be to make a nose with no complications after the surgery, maintaining a beautiful shape of nose from the aspects of esthetics and health.

The ideal nose from the medical perspective is the case whose ratio is 1:1 when divided by three; from forehead to eyebrow, from eyebrow to nasal tip and from nasal tip to chin edge, there should be no hump on the nasal bridge, stretching out evenly to the nasal tip to be upturned. For low-profile nose in general, rhinoplasty to augment the nasal bridge using the prosthesis like a silicone or a gore-tex and nasal tip plasty using autoplasty are commonly used. So, for this time, we are going to look into augmentation rhinoplasty.

*What is augmentation rhinoplasty?
It is a plastic surgery to get a low-profile nose higher or to make a nose more beautiful. For a low-profile nose, it is augmented by implanting a prosthesis like a silicone into the incision made on the mucous membrance. As for the open rhinoplasty, it makes possible to shape nasal tip, as well as nasal dorsum, through the incision made columella and mucous membrance, which makes it possible to have the tip slightly higher than nasal dorsum like toe of a Korean traditional sock.

It is important to choose a proper prosthesis after grasping the distinct feature of own nose as choice of prosthesis is important for augmentation rhinoplasty.

*Prosthesis used in augmentation rhinoplasty

It is the most often used in plastic surgery, which is the most proper prosthesis to make a beautiful nasal contour as it does not change in shape or absolve, so it is known as the most safe prosthesis to a human body. BK DongYang have been using soft silicone in various ways without particular complications.

This is a material that has been safely used for vascular surgery, and it was introduced to the field of plastic surgery about 5 years ago and has been often used with the advantage of being soft compared to silicone. However, it is now used when necessarily needed because it tends to be reduced by 40% in size over the time and stick to body tissue tightly, making difficult to remove it when having re-do operation, which results in thin skin after the removal.

It is a kind of artificial bone that is used to make nasal septum stand or used as a substitution for the septal cartilage when lengthening the nasal septum. Because of low chance of rejection to a foreign substance, it is widely used to a various parts of body.

Although rhinoplasty relatively can make up for the weakness of which you think, that does not give you dramatic changes as if sculptured. Therefore, rhinoplasty is to improve the visual appeal of the nose, overcoming the initial weakness of nose.
Become a beauty with a sharp nose by the most suitable augmentation rhinoplasty at BK DongYang!

How to become a lady with a sharp nose - All about augmentation rhinoplasty

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