Friday 19 August 2011

BK DongYang Guest House

Let's introduce BK DongYang Guest House  

BK Dong Yang Guest House is provided patients with special care
before and after the surgery.
Do you know BK DongYang Plastic Surgery Hospital is a international hospital?
Not only korean patients but also international patients visit the hospital
from Asia and overseas.
Most of them stay in the guest house during recovery times and visit the hospital
for post-operative treatments. (Please make an inquiry for the guest house )
BK DongYang provide precious patients to stay at the guest house without charge.

#1. Rooms 
After entering your password to access the room,
there is enough space to accommodate one person.

While lying down in the comfortable bed,
it helps your tiredness after surgery go away!!!

The room has some facilities you need for living.
We have tidy equipped private space
with a refrigerator, an air-conditioner, a toilet and a shower room.

#2. Interior Design

BK DongYang Guest House has a first floor and a first basement floor.
We are trying to make your stay
more comfortable with modern design and amenities.
Of Course, it is equipped with a microwave, a water purifier and facilities.

Wallpaper is very unique.
It is elegant wall paper of illustration~~
The quite cosy living room has soft and fluffy sofas for patients
to drink a cup of tea or to read a book.

#3. Feedback from patients. 

BK DongYang Plastic Surgery Hospital
listens carefully to the voice of the individual patients.
It is easy to find a feedback box not only at BK guest house
also all around the hospital.
Please write complaints and reviews on a patient survey letter nearby the feedback box.
BK DongYang will return your love by hearing your voice.

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