Thursday 16 August 2018

BK Model, Foyce’s Real Story!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery!
This summer is turning out to be one of the hottest Summer, reaching the highest temperature in 112 years! Hope you guys are surviving this hot wave!

Today, we have another new face to introduce~!
Ta da! We introduce BK’s new model, Foyce!

Foyce is a celebrity in Singapore with multiple TV commercials and also a career as a singer!
Foyce who had many talents and an attractive voice, visited BK Hospital to find out her options for her nose surgery.
She also wanted to check out the general anti-aging procedures like face-lifting treatment, botox and filler for younger appearance.  

Foyce is getting the consultation with the consultant now^^
Foyce already have had rhinoplasty once before.
But her nose shape changed from the first time she got the surgery as time passed and she was looking into revisional rhinoplasty.
As her skin aged with passing time, skin elasticity decreased so she wanted to find out what options were available for her to fill up the sunken facial areas, fade the nasolabial fold and the wrinkles on forehead.

After that she sat down and got right down to business during consultation with Dr. Kim Byung Gun to find out which method of surgery she was planned to get!
First, Foyce’s width of the nose wing(nasal ala) will be narrowed down and the nose tip will be higher with a slight curve in the nose bridge, creating a delicate and pretty nose shape.
Her sagged cheek will be lifted up with Thread Lift procedure and botox and filler will be used to fade out the wrinkles on forehead and glabella and fill up the crease on nasolabial fold.^^

< Let’s stop here and find out about Thread Lifting procedure Foyce is getting !!>
Thread Lift is one of the treatment that gets the spot light for its fast effect.
It guarantees safety by using PDO thread approved for its safety by KFDA!
Inserted thread is absorbed inside the skin and activates the collagen work on the dermis, showing the lifting effect, elasticity increase and wrinkle correction. This procedure can be performed on any age!

It is popular with short duration of the procedure and non-incisional method, and requires shorter recovery period compared to regular face lifting surgery with incision which leads to high demands.

Since this is the second surgery for her nose, she got the surgery with extra care and attention from the medical staff.
Let’s check out how she turned out after the surgery, shall we? ^-^

After 3 post-op treatment in total, she finally got the band-aids removed from her nose!
Her swellings subsided much better compared to the first day of treatment, so she looked more natural on the last day here.

This shows before the surgery and 5 days after the surgery. There was still some mild swelling, but her profile shows definite change, doesn’t it?

Her slightly up-turned nose transformed into natural shape with the curve on nosebridge.
Foyce was so happy and satisfied with how she looked in the mirror! ^^

Foyce was enthusiastic to all the interviews and photo shooting throughout the journey and was very friendly to all the staffs in BK Hospital !
We root for her successful TV career with her upgraded beauty, and look forward to hear from her on her Singapore TV appearance and entertainment activities! ^^

We support Foyce’s BK model activities and her entertainment show biz career along with her singing career!

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