Saturday 23 June 2018

Agreement signing of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and Fraser Place!

Hello! It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!

Yesterday on June 22nd, there was MOU agreement ceremony between BK Plastic Surgery Hospital and Fraser Place Hotel located near City Hall station. 

Special service and benefits are offered to foreign patients from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital when they stay in Fraser Place Hotel.
The agreement also includes the condition that staffs in Fraser Place Hotel will be offered special service from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

On this day, a number of people attended this ceremony including the general manager of Fraser Place Hotel.

Thanks to the staffs’ efficient and thorough preparation, the agreement signing and the meeting proceeded smoothly. 

At this agreement ceremony, Dr. Rhee Byung Jun, Dr. Jeong Cheol and staffs from the marketing team were on the scene.
After a short tea time, Dr. Rhee Byung Jun signed the agreement form for business tie-up with the Fraser Place as the representative of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital! 

Dr. Rhee Byung Jun also gave a short speech right after the agreement signing.
He expressed high hopes for prosperity on both sides of the hospital and the hotel and promised to show the best effort to keep the relationship amicable and strong.

We wish for the fruitful result like Dr. Rhee said as well. 

After ending the agreement ceremony on a good note, we had a tour of the hotel’s sky lounge of the roof top floor.
 The staff was able to enjoy the breathtaking view of Seoul from the top floor.

The rooms in the Fraser Place were also spectacular as much as the roof top lounge.
All the views from the rooms were magnificent and 
the interiors were exquisite and stylish!
We promise to let you peek in on the rooms in Fraser Place Hotel later. ^^

On scorching hot summer days like now, 
taking care of yourself to stay healthy is crucial!
Just as we strive to keep out physique fit and condition healthy, we at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital will give all we’ve got to provide satisfying and sound service to the patients.

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