Monday 14 May 2018

Dr. Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, Speaker in IMCI 2018 in Shanghai, China!

Hello! This is BK Plastic Surgery Hospital!
At the end of April, Dr. Kim Byung Gun attended IMCI 2018 in Shanghai, China!
Let’s find out what the speech entailed!!

IMCI2018 was an International cosmetic surgery forum,

and was held for two days from April 27th to 28th, 2018 in Shanghai, China.
This forum had four different topics and Dr. Kim Byung Gun from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital led two separate speeches

Let’s take a look on each speech. ^^

The first speech started off with the topic of the present and future prospect of Korean Plastic Surgery Hospital and how Korean hospitals were run and managed.

Of course, the outstanding management system of Dr. Kim Byung Gun
which made BK Plastic Surgery Hospital mark 23 years of business was featured as well.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital started participating in medical tour in the 2000s, earlier than most other hospitals in the same field, and got the spotlight as the first professional plastic surgery clinic establishment of the Asian Plastic Surgery hospital to use all 15-story building. 

Not only that but BK Plastic Surgery Hospital have maintained to keep be the top in leading medical tour with opening BK Aesthetic Clinic as the first overseas branch in Novena Medical Center, the hub for Singapore medical industry.

However, no matter how outstanding the management system is, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital would not be here if it weren’t for the excellent medical technology!

The reason BK Plastic Surgery Hospital could develop to be called “The center of Korea’s Plastic Surgery”, was the top-notch medical techniques of Dr. Kim Byung Gun!!!

IMCI Forum was held for two days in a row, from April 27th to 28th.
On the 28th, Dr. Kim led a speech on the topic of 
popular blepharoplasty types among Asian.

Dr. Kim from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital remains a legend 
as plastic surgeon of blepharoplasty.
He made a speech on various types of double eyelid surgery, 
Inner corner fold removal, Outer corner extension, revisional blepharoplasty, 
fat relocation on lower eyelids and so on.

Dr. Kim from BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is super busy with taking business trips to Shanghai, flying to Korea for regular Saturday work in the hospital, and staying in Singapore BK clinic for regular weekdays work. But that doesn’t stop him from attending forums, engage in numerous research, and contributing to the development of BK.
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital will keep on striving to do the best
as the leader of the Korean Plastic Surgery!

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