Wednesday 30 May 2018

BK Model, Kitty J. Berry’s Real Story!

It’s BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the center of Korean Plastic Surgery.
This week, one of the BK’s models visited our BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
We introduce our new BK Real Story model, Kitty J. Berry.


Kitty is a cheerful and pleasant girl in her 20s who enjoys costume play. ^^
She dabbles in creating her own costumes and enjoys taking pictures in various themes.
With upcoming birthday ahead, she visited Korea to get Acculift treatment as a birthday gift for herself.
Let’s look into Kitty’s day 1, the day of the surgery, shall we?

On the morning of May 21st, Kitty arrived early at the hospital building, said hi to everyone and signed the contract before going through the necessary procedure before the surgery.
She took her time carefully examining each page all the while listening to her consultant exclusive for overseas patients. ^^


After signing the papers, a tour of the Korea’s first and one-and-only plastic surgery museum took place. Kitty showed high interests in all the displays which held all different kinds of miniature models and implants for surgeries in different area of the body for better understanding of the surgeries and seemed excited about her surgery.


With consultation ahead, Kitty was interviewed briefly on how she decided to get the surgery, how she chose BK hospital, and how she felt now that she was here looking forward to the consultant. 


Finally the consultation with Dr. Rhee Byung Jun started!
Kitty wanted her chin to look more sharper and narrower with Acculift which diminishes extra fat!
Through consultation with Dr. Rhee Byung Jun, Kitty showed the area where she felt she needed to get the fat off and she heard the doctor’s detailed explanation on the method of the surgery, recovery period, and other information on the surgery!


After the consultation with Dr. Rhee Byung Jun, the consultant told Kitty about the surgery precautions and follow-up care instructions.
Kitty was able to ease the tension before the surgery, and could relax a bit. ^^


Now for the preparation of the surgery~!!!!
Before surgery, Kitty went into the test lab to get the blood test. 


And she took a pre-surgery picture in the photo room, both with her clothes and make-up on and with her patient gown with no make-up! Maybe it’s because she is a professional cosplayer, but Kitty managed to look great in any angle of the photo shots naturally.^^


Now for the final stages before the actual surgery!
With the actual surgery ahead, Dr. Rhee Byung Jun designed the surgery plan by marking the planned surgical area on Kitty’s face.
Well thought out plan is always necessary to meet satisfying result, right?^^

Finally~~!! Just before going into the Operation Room!
With both worries and exhilaration, Kitty expressed how she looked forward to the result with excitement.
She said she expected her jaw-line to get slimmer and see more beauty on her face with sharper silhouette as she entered the Operation Room.

Kitty’s surgery was performed safe and successfully!!!
We look forward to find out how Kitty’s beauty is upgraded in the future!

Want to know about the surgery Kitty got?
Visit BK Plastic Surgery Website and find out~^^

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