Tuesday 20 December 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Introducing High Intensity Oxygen Treatment at BK :)

Hi J from BK Plastic Hospital!

We say the winter vacation is the best time for cosmetic surgeries. Or if you already have had one, what do you do to reduce swelling post surgery?

Warm / Iice pack massages are essential, and sometimes in Korea, we drink pumpkin juice to reduce swelling.

We came up with the newest and the most effective 
post care at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

Let us introduce to you, High Intensity Oxygen Treatment!!

We are introducing High Intensity Oxygen Treatment 
to help the fast recovery for our dear patients.

High Intensity Oxygen therapy is the administration of high concentration oxygen as a medical intervention, which can prevent side effects as well as promote fast recovery after surgery, by supplying High Concentration Oxygen, higher than 1 atmosphere (normal air pressure).


It takes around 30 minutes only, and doesn’t even require 
hospitalization, anesthesia nor stitch removal.

 So simple, isn’t it?

It also doesn’t come with pain, but some of you might feel discomfort in your ears due to high pressure.

Now, moving onto the instruction of
 High Intensity Oxygen Treatment!

How to use it? It’s easy!

Firstly, inhale high concentration oxygen in a High Pressure Oxygen System under indicated time and air pressure.
However, in case of carbon monoxide poisoning, inhale high intensity oxygen about 2.5~3 atmosphere for 30-60 minutes. Repetitive treatments may be required.

Efficacy of High Intensity Oxygen Therapy is just so many, we are proud to introduce this to you.

Let’s find out J

- Insulin Resistance Syndrome (Adult disease, Diabetes, Arteriosclerotic Gangrene, Hyperlipidemia, Hypertension and Vascular insufficiency)
 - Chronic fatigue, Fatty Liver, Hepatocirrhosis, Chronic Hepatitis
 - Anti-Aging (Rejuvenation)
 - Enhancement of Metabolism and Brain function as well as developmental disability
 - Development of Brain function; Aftereffect of Stroke treatments
 - Effective for examinees and office workers
 - Skin Care (to maintain skin elasticity)
 - Treatment of Wound & Fast Recovery after Cosmetic Surgeries
 - Radical Reform of Hypoxia due to Lung Diseases

And, for those wondering whom High Intensity
 Oxygen Treatment is effective for…?

- Quick recovery after a Cosmetic surgery or Hair Transplant
- Improvement of Brain functioning, Concentration, Memory as well as Migraine
- Enhancement of Metabolism and Digestive functions
- Skin Care / Weight Loss

Lastly, we would like to let you know the
 instructions and aftercare of this treatment,
 since better outcome can be achieved in better Compliance with Precautions and Guidelines.

I enjoyed introducing BK’s special after care post plastic surgery, High Intensity Oxygen Treatment J

If you want more details, have a visit to
 BK Plastic Surgery Hospital webpage.


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Have a Merry Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

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