Thursday 29 December 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Another shooting with Thai National TV!

Good morning from BK Plastic Surgery!

The year 2016 is almost going towards its end!
How are you all doing? Hope you are well J

Today, I want to share the story of the shooting and interview we had with Thai broadcasting company the other day. They visited BK Plastic Surgery Hospital on the second week of December to film Korean Beauty Trend and interview Dr. Kim Byung Gun, the director and the chief surgeon at BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

We had shared this news on our Instagram account, but had not been able to share it here yet!

We have been getting a lot of requests from broadcast companies abroad lately. Dr. Do Eon Rok has been doing a lot of interviews since Dr. Kim was not available due to his busy schedule; however, when Thai national TV visited BK, Dr. Kim was able to participate in the show!

He is wearing the microphone now J He has done it so many times that he looks very professional!

The interview is going well in Dr. Kim’s office. Thai national TV came to interview us to find out the ‘Korean Beauty Wave’, and why so many foreigners visit BK Plastic Surgery Hospital to get their surgeries done. They also asked why doctors at BK have better skills and hands. J They found it really interesting to see all the reasons for getting the surgery done abroad.

The anchor was from Thailand, and she spoke English very well. So the interview has been done in English without any problem. Yay!

Interview has been finished! And Dr. Kim wanted to do botox injection for the cute anchor on the same day as a gift! Hehe

So we assisted her to the treatment room, where botox and filler injections as well as follow up treatments are done. She got the botox injection on her crow’s feet, where the wrinkles develop around your eyes.

She was able to see the results right away, and felt really satisfied. Dr. Kim kindly let her know the instructions and cautions after botox injection as well.

After this petite plastic surgery – botox injection – we came down to the 2nd floor of BK building, where Plastic Surgery Museum is located. Established and founded by BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, it is the first and only plastic surgery museum run in Korea. Free of charge, patients can have a look at the history of plastic surgery, as well as feel and touch the surgical implants or compressive garments they are required to wear after body/facial contouring surgeries.

All done! Photo time J J J

Shooting the plastic surgery museum now! Thai staffs are looking at the exhibitions. So nice! It’s one of our prides, and we want you to come have a look as well!

On their way back, they took the stairs to see the photos on the wall. We present the articles and interviews on newspaper/TV shows, and they were amazed how well known BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is! We want to keep it up in the future J

BK Plastic Surgery will always devote ourselves in making you prettier and more handsome. Let’s end this year well, and wait for 2017.

Stay tuned for more updates, bye for now!

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