Wednesday 6 July 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Eyelid surgery

For those who are looking for Plastic Surgery Hospital famous for Eyelid surgery,
Please read down this article to the end.

Nowadays, not only 10s & 20s but also 30s-70s
are considering having plastic surgery
for enhancing one’s competitiveness of appearance
& for following the latest trend.

There are many hospitals which perform eyelid surgery; however, there are not many famous plastic surgery hospitals which are known for its advanced skills.

big and defined shape of eyes is being preferred.

The most important thing which should be considered
for eyelid surgery is to choose the hospital
which provides eyelid surgery based on one’s own shape.


In BK Plastic Surgery hospital famous for eyelid surgery,
 it is available to create natural and beautiful eyes.
The design will be made depending on the original shape of patient’s eyes and their ideal preference.

BK provides one-to-one responsibility:
one doctor will take care of the patient
from consultation to surgery.

BK do not recommend patients
to undergo unnecessary surgeries
but only provide suitable advice
based on current condition.  

BK plastic surgery hospital has
more than 21 years surgical experiences,
abundant know-how, and best-quality skills.
If you are not satisfied with your appearance,
please don’t be depressed.
You could achieve beautiful and confident looks in BK.

Please be informed how to visit BK hospital.

It is located right next to Sinsa station, Exit 2, Line 3
so it is very convenient for first visitors to find. 

For those who bring one’s own car,
we provide free parking lot. However, it is limited for SUV.



In BK famous for eyelid surgery,
you will have chance to achieve natural beautiful looks with the best surgeons and accountable system.

***Headquarter of BK is located in Seoul, Korea ***


 English +82 10 5021 8886

Indonesia : +82 10-7152-8892

Malaysia :  +82-10-9481-8960

Singapore :  +65 9389 7749

China : +82 10 4934 8886

Japan : +82 10 7128 3886

Mongolia : +82 10 4072 0403

Vietnam : +82 10 4732 8894

Russia: +82 10 4783 8886

Thailand: +82 10 4783 8886 

***Below is BK's Singapore branch ***

BK Medical Group Aesthetic Clinic

#08-05,06 Novena Medical Centre, 10 Sinaran Drive, Singapore, 307506



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