Friday 19 February 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] How to endure one's crave for smoking

What should be the most difficult thing for a person who decided to stop smoking? Many people answered ‘craving for smoking’ is the biggest challenge. But if you just endure for 3-5 minutes you can get over the craving for smoking. Today we are going to give you some hints for suppressing the desire to smoke and how to become a nonsmoker.

1. Try to brush your teeth directly after eating food. Refreshment will help you to control your appetite for smoking. 

2.     Take a deep breath for 3 times. Try to breathe in and out slowly when you want to smoke.

3.     Take a walk or shower.  When you want to smoke, it’s better for you to focus on other things.

4. Chewing gum about 20 minutes also could support you, when you have a mood for smoking.  


5. Every time when you want to smoke, take a cup of water.

6. Hold a piece of ice in your mouth. Focus on melting the ice until it melts away, and it will help you to get rid of the thinking about smoking.

This was today’s lesson from BK Plastic Surgery to avoid craving for smoking. You can start today and become a nonsmoker.

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