Saturday 9 January 2016

[BK Plastic Surgery] Beauty Tips to reduce belly fat

It is true that everyone loves sweet and sugary food. However, if you eat too much of sweet food like cookies, donuts and cakes, it causes a severe abdominal obesity. 
So BK would like to recommend you how to reduce belly fat with you. 

 First Tip!
 Try to avoid flour and sugar as much as possible in a daily life. 
Rather than eating too fatty food, we highly recommend organic and super food like beans, vegetables and fruit. 

Second Tip: Sleep more than 7 hours per day! 

It is very important to take a deep sleep every night.
Nowadays, when people get too much of stress from school and/or work, they can suffer from insomnia.. You might avoid using smart phones or watching TV at late night because these issues can cause you more severe insomnia. 

Third Tip! 
Try to stretch your back while standing or sitting. 
When you study or work, you just stay in one pose. It's quite bad for your bone and muscles. Please try to stretch regularly everyday. 
This might prevent you gaining abdominal fat.

 Fourth and fifth Tips ! 

No stress and work on abdominal muscles more strongly ~! 

If you exercise regularly you can relieve your stress. 
If there's too much stress some people take fatty food very often to release their stress.
However this is a bad habit and exposes you to gain weight around abdomen.

BK always wishes for everyone's health and well-being~! 
So please be carefully aware of above BK tips and be more beautiful and cheerful !!!


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