Monday 21 December 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] Top 5 Foods for Diet !

Top 5 foods for Diet !

Avocado contains abundant unsaturated fat.
Avocado helps to lose weight because after you eat it, you feel full for a long time which causes you eat less than average.
Therefore it is perfect to lose weight and be healthy.

In Korea, we say “eating an apple in the morning is a golden apple.”
What we mean is that apple is really nutritious so we should take it daily.
It is also really good to lose weight because it contains fiber and
These ingredients will help you losing weight by simulating the
beneficial bacteria of the intestine.

 All kinds of berries including strawberries,
blueberries, raspberry are good food to
lose weight since they contain anti-oxidants and fiber which are good for health.
Carbohydrate from above berries is
 not transformed into fat or sugar
but into carbohydrates which will be
used to create energy.

 Almonds are not that helpful if you take them “too much.” 
However, they contain healthy fat
and fiber.
You will see the beneficial effect on diet if you consume the appropriate amount.

You might be wondering whether pepper is really helpful for your diet.
However if you add half a spoon of pepper to food, you might lose your weight amazingly.
Key reason is ‘Pirerin’.

This will prevent the generation of new fat cells and remove the fat by activating your metabolism.

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