Thursday 17 May 2012

BK Plastic Surgery - The best place to extend INNER CORNER FOLD


Good Day ALL!! It's beauty girl again~

I am going to tell you guys about inner corner fold extension today :)

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital has continuously developed the inner corner fold removal method that doesn't leave any scars (epicanthoplasty), and many plastic surgeons from other clinics have been using this method since it was announced at the International Plastic Surgery Academy in 2002. 

Wow eyelids has been improved AWESOME!!

Small eyes can be fixed by removing Mongolian fold which is covering inner corner fold like picture above.  
BK Plastic Surgery Hospital is acknowledged by a renowned academy for inner corner fold removal with no scar :)

Cases Requiring Inner Corner Fold Removal

* Wide distance between eyes
 * Short and stuffy appearance of double eyelid creases
* The vertical length of eyes being too short
* Rough crease along the inner corner fold
* Slanted eyes producing unfavorable image
* Strong impression given by extremely pointed inner corner of the eyes

1. Incision line is marked in advance.
2. Snip the Mongolian fold along the marked line.
3. Remaining skin surrounding Mongolian fold is removed.
4. Suture along the inner surface of eyes to hide the surgical site.

Attractive appearance can be created by making smooth inner corner of eyes. 
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    1. Yeh True. We're still trying to develop our skills. Thanks for your comment :)

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