Wednesday 2 December 2015

[BK Plastic Surgery] Stay Awake and Cheer Up with BK ~!!! :D


Winter is already here. As it snows and rains, we might get very sleepy and tired in daily life right?
So, BK would love to share with you HOW TO STAY AWAKE.
Let’s follow below together and cheer up more! Get ready for Winter~!!!

STRATEGY 1. Chew a piece of gum

You can chew a tasty gum and stay awake!
However, it’s quite not good if you chew TOO MUCH…
This is because if you chew too much daily, there could be some muscles tensed around your jaw area, meaning you might get a square jaw !!
BUT no worry at all because BK has a “square jaw reduction” surgery.

Click! To see BK Plastic Surgery “Square Jaw Reduction” surgery !

Minimized error range + Balance + Safe anesthesia
Definitely you can trust BK’s 20 years of experience and know-how!!!

STRATEGY 2. Eat Ice-Americano  

Take some ice and make a cup of Americano and drink it to stay awake~!
You could use a tumbler like this to make Americano coooool ~~

STRATEGY 3. Look Into a Mirror

Sounds funny right? BUT it might work haha.
Please look into a mirror often and see how beautiful you are ~!
If this doesn’t make you cheer up, you could meet us BK (:
BK always welcome you at any time~ Please visit our website and see what makes you interesting ~!

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