Wednesday 3 September 2014

"The future of Korea's plastic surgery is in the foreign markets." - Dr. Kim Byung Gun

Interview of Dr. Kim Byung Gun with D&PS -
the Magazine for Dermatologists & Plastic Surgeons

Dr. Kim Byung Gun, Medical Director of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital did the interview with D&PS.

According to his interview:

Dr. Kim's active career both inside and outside Korea is the reason behind the popularity of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital in foreign countries.
"I do manage a large hospital but my primary role is a surgeon, not a manager. I spend as much time as I can on patient consultation and surgery. I am not a businessman and spend barely 10 minutes a day on business decisions. But when it comes to overseas businesses, I am a bit more aggressive."


Dr. Kim emphasizes, "Future doctors should not be too comfortable in the domestic market but compete with the best of the world in the global market."

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