Friday 29 August 2014

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital

is selected as an excellent institution for promoting foreign patients
in 2013 by Gangnam-gu.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital, the leader of Korean Wave of plastic surgery, is selected as an excellent institution for promoting foreign patients in 2013 by Gangnam-gu.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital was invited to the ‘Recognition ceremony for attracting foreign patients and anew cooperation organization’ on Aug 26th. BK was announced as a superb hospital for its outstanding medical tourism activity in 2013 along the Gangnam Severance Hospital and others such as Samsung Medical Center.

According to the announcement issued by Ministry of Health & Welfare, about 45,535 of foreign patients had been invited to the Gangnam-gu. Based on the performance-based record, Gangnam-gu won the 1st place in attracting international patients all over the country for 4 years, starting from year of 2010. This number of 45,535 international patients represents almost
21.6% of total number of medical tourists. Compared to 2012, the number of visitors increased: around 10,747 more patients visited BK. More importantly, this increasing rate represents that around 42.3% of tourists visited BK with the purpose of cosmetic surgery as well as skin treatments.

“It is our honor to participate in global medical tourism activity. Since many international patients visit Korea to experience outstanding medical techniques here, we (medical team of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital) will do our best to provide the most qualified services including best surgical methods and safety. We will keep strengthening our skills to lead Korean Wave, especially in cosmetic surgery fields” said Kum In Soeb, a plastic surgeon and the director of the BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital provides a web-site in multi-languages: Chinese, English, Japanese, Mongolian, Thai, Vietnamese and Indonesian. Furthermore, BK is specialized in consulting and communicating in these languages very fluently. Without any barriers, international patients can easily consult with the BK staffs via Skype video chatting, e-mails, and BK’s own website. BK consultants are fully focusing on precise and quick process so patients feel comfortable before, during and after visiting BK.

Finally, BK Plastic Surgery Hospital keeps developing new surgical methods for the patients and never stop researching and studying various academic resources as well as overseas journals. By doing so, BK may provide every one the best surgery, treatment, safety, and most importantly precious memory.


Original article: Wstar news

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