Thursday 9 January 2014

[BK Plastic Surgery] Article titled "Nip / Tuck Tourism" on W Magazine

[Nip / Tuck Tourism]    

2010. July 

"Beverly Hills, New York, Rio de Janeiro and... Seoul?
The first three have long been top destinations for cosmetic procedures. But South Korea - a regional mecca for Asians seeking operations thanks to its skilled surgeons- is gunning to become the next plastic-surgery world capital. Hospitals and a government health agency have set up offices in Los Angeles and New York, and the Korean Tourism Organization recently launched a marketing campaign to attract would-be patients from the Middle East. M.D.'s are getting in on the act too: Popular plastic surgeon Kim Byung Gun, whose Seoul practice sees a whopping 6000 to 7500 patients a month, now offers online consultations, translators and pickup service from the airport for his international clientele." 

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