Thursday 26 December 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] BK STYLE Celebrity V-Line Facial Contouring

BK has strong pride in facial contouring and is a master in its pre&post treatment systems.
Today, we would like to post what's called "Celebrity V-Line Facial Contouring," one of masterpieces of BK STYLE. Since there have never been any medical accidents, blood transfusion, or any emergency situations since 1997, we strongly suggest you that facial contouring at BK Plastic Surgery is truly different.

What is CELEBRITY V-LINE surgery?
Celebrity V-line is an operation that brings out more defined V-line by cmbining square jaw reduction and T-osteotomy on chin. It is recommended for those with blunt-looking faces with overdeveloped jaws and chins. Celebrity V-line can reshape such figures into smooth and gorgeous jaws.


Due to several advantages explained just below here, BK recommends the Celebrity V-Line Facial Contouring and is pretty sure that it must be a good choice.

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