Tuesday 10 September 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Dr. Hong Sung Bum featured in 'Bucketlist' of KBS W

BK Plastic Surgery
Dr. Hong Sung Bum featured in 'Bucketlist' of KBS W

Dr. Hong Sung Bum of BK Plastic Surgery had featured in 'Bucketlist' of KBS W.
Bucketlist was finally on air last week since this May.

Dr. Hong Sung Bum is thoroughly looking through scripts before the shooting starts.

Bucketlist of KBS W lead by joint host actor Hyun Kyung Oh and Ji Young Kim.
All hosts and medical mentor also had a photo time before actual studio filming took in. 
Dr. Hong Sung Bum looks comfortable. 

Dr. Hong Sung Bum of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital was in studio even during the rehearsal period. He never got tired despite of its long-lasting shooting. 

Ms. Hye Min Lee, the first heroine of Bucketlist.
Dr. Hong constantly had consulted her during the break. 

Dr. Hong had a meeting with other medical mentors for her surgery. 

When 2nd shooting was taken place, Ms Lee does look different from first shooting. 
She had her make up on and pretty dress, and she was just like an idol star.

Dr. Hong Sung Bum and Ms. Hye Min Lee after shooting. 
Medical Mentor Dr. Hong was all proud of her for bearing all that complicated procedure.
We will also be there for her better future. :)

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