Wednesday 10 July 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Facial Asymmetry Correction

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Facial Asymmetry Correction

Our face is all asymmetry somehow, and if it is not serious you do not need to think about getting facial asymmetry correction done. However, if it is not the case, facial asymmetry will be a great solution through diagnosis. Facial asymmetry combined with malocclusion will cause the loss of confidence from insecured feeling of their own appearance. Mandibular and Digestive disorder may occur, and this will also hinder masticatory movement. 

The cause of facial asymmetry

1. hemifacial microsomia
2. Uneven position of lower and upper jaw because of jaw development  
3. Wound in lower jaw joint
4. Chewing habit
5. Malocclusion

Self diagnosis of facial asymmetry

The middle of glabella and prominent chin does not correspond to one another.
Upper lips or lower lips are twisted
You tend to chew with single molar, so your mouth appear crooked
Your face appear slanted from frontal view.

If this is the case, 
your face may be in asymmetrical position. 

 Surgical Methods of Facial Asymmetry

Facial Asymmetry Correction can be classified into two different methods. If lower jaw is twisted and occlusal surface is not slanted, we do Mandibular Surgery correcting lower jaw. Reversely, If occlusal surface is slanted and facial line is not balanced, we do Two Jaw Surgery repositioning both upper and lower jaw. 

Skewed Lower Jaw without Slanted Occusal Surface: Mandibular Surgery of BK Plastic Surgery

Mandibular(lower jaw) surgery cuts the posterior area of mandible and pushes in the entire jaw to be overlapped. Facial Asymmetry Correction is performed when slanted lower jaw is twisted even though malocculsion is not combined, and this lead one to facial asymmetry.

01. Lower jaw is resected behind the molars, and entire lower jaw including lower teeth are pushed in.
02. Rough edges are smoothed before bones are firmly fixed. 

Slanted Occlusal Surface and Crooked Facial Midline: Two Jaw Surgery of BK Plastic Surgery

Two Jaw surgery involves with osteotomy of both upper jaw ( maxilla) and lower jaw (mandible) to reposition them. Rough edges are smoothed out and bones are reattached when in position. BK Plastic Surgery offers Two Jaw Surgery improving both medical and cosmetic perspective by correcting malocclusions, asymmetries, and facial contour.

For facial asymmetry derived from the size of face, Facial Contouring such as Square Jaw Reduction, Cheekbone Reduction, and chin correction is combined to perform with facial asymmetry correction to correct asymmetry.

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TEL: +82-2-544-0404

TEL: +82-2-544-0404

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