Wednesday 17 April 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Facial contouring: Forehead contouring

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Facial contouring: Forehead Contouring

Today we are talking about forehead contouring, 
one of facial contouring.

As summer is approaching, 
we often slick our hair and show forehead.

Before having forehead contouring,
let's look into various types of forehead and surgical methods of.


Depressed Forehead

A generally depressed forehead emphasizes 
eyebrow bones resulting in a masculine appearance.

A partially depressed forehead look asymmetric. 

These conditions may be corrected by filling up the depressed areas.


 Large forehead

Creating a concave can make large forehead look smaller.

 Flat Forehead

Such condition as flat forehead requires more volume in general.

 Narrow Forehead

Slightly exaggerated concave on the forehead 
can create enlarged appearance.


Now let's look into the surgical methods of forehead contouring.

There are two methods
 such as implant insertion and fat grafting.

It is important to find suitable surgical method 
for each individual's condition.

01 Implant Insertion

 <BK Implant Production>

It is a surgical method of adding volume to the general area of forehead 
by inserting a silicone implant which is customized 
to fit each individual's forehead shape.

Inserted implant is semi-permanent 
as it does not get absorbed or deformed.

And it can be designed as patient's desire 
that high level of satisfaction can be achieved.

Incision mark is concealed by hair,
so you don't need to worry about the scar left.

02 Autologous Fat Grafting

It is to harvest fat from body areas where excess fat is stored such as thighs and hips and graft onto your forehead in multiple layers. 

This method is also known for body contouring effect 
since the procedure grafts unnecessary fat from your own body.

There is no scar left since no incision is made
and no complication is occurred by using autologous fat.

Recovery period is relatively short due to mild swelling.

In case of implant insertion, it takes about one hour and 
it is performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation.

2~3 cm incision is made above the forehead hairline 
and space for implant insertion is secured through the incision.

In case of autologous fat graft, it takes 30 min to 1 hour and
it is performed under local anesthesia with IV sedation as well.

Daily activities are possible 2~4 days after surgery 
natural appearance can be shown after 2 weeks.

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