Tuesday 5 February 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Pre-Operative Instruction for Plastic Surgery

Pre-Operative Instruction for Plastic Surgery

Before surgery, what should we do for success and safe surgery?
Today, let's take a look for pre-operative instruction for surgery!

1. No smoking and drinking!

You must stop smoking and drinking 1 week prior to surgery.


2. Medication

Your medication must be verified with doctor during the consultation.

However, if you have symptoms of blood pressure, diabetes or thyroid etc, 
you need to take the medication for them 
with a little amount of water in the morning of surgery.

3. Fasting

You must avoid eating and drinking including water 
8 hours prior to surgery.

4. No driving 

You must not drive without guardian on the day of surgery.

5. Comfortable clothes

 You must wear comfortable clothes with no accessorises 
and erase all make-up including nail polish before coming to hospital.

If you will get surgery soon, do not forget above instruction 
for safe and successful result.

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