Monday 18 February 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Anti-Aging: How to Remove Neck Wrinkles

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Anti-aging: How to remove neck wrinkles

Neck Lift

Usually we are taking care of face very carefully to prevent getting wrinkles
by skin care therapy and very expensive cosmetic products etc.

But in comparison with this, we are negligent to take care of neck wrinkles.   

Even though we have baby face with firm skin,
if deep wrinkles are placed on neck, our age can be seen obviously.

In Winter, neck wrinkles can be much deeper and dried easily
so you should pay particular attention to care for your neck.

Now let's find out the tips to remove neck wrinkles.

1. Use a flat pillow

You should use a flat pillow to prevent getting neck wrinkles.
If it is too high, the wrinkles can be formed easily by bending your neck.

2. Apply sunblock carefully

Before you go out, apply sunblock
not only on your face but also the neck.

The ultraviolet rays are the main cause of the aging of the skin.


3. Put  Moisturizer on your neck generously 

Apply the moisturizer generously in morning and evening 
to balance the oil and moisture.

When you put it on, try massaging your skin.

If neck wrinkles are formed already, what should we do?

The formed wrinkles on neck can be treated by botox or filler injection.

It is very simple method but  it is effective 
only for shallow wrinkles, not the deep one.

The result lasts not permanently, it may be about six months to one year.

In case of deeper wrinkles, 
neck lift can be a good choice to stretch the wrinkles. 

>> What is neck lift?

Neck wrinkles are formed as aging due to gravity, 
decrease in elastic fibers and repeated use of neck muscles.

People who have been on several diet can also have wrinkles on their neck 
due to malnutrition and dehydration.

Proper method should be chosen 
depending on the status and condition of neck area.

>> Surgical methods of neck lift

When skin has good elasticity but too much fat stored: 
Accu-sculpt (Accu-lift)

Using 1.444nm wavelength of laser that is easily absorbed into fat 
and water with 1 0.3mm thin cannula, the procedure removes fat below chin and induces lifting effect.

1. Greater effect on dissolving fat compared to other procedures.

2. Simple procedure with less pain and fast recovery.

3. Possible to proceed delicate procedures using a thin cannula.

4. Rejuvenating dermis cause increase in elasticity enhancing anti-aging effect.

When there are horizontal or vertical wrinkles: Incision behind ear

1. Incision is made along the line behind ear for 2~3cm.

2. Separate the mid section of the neck and remove excess fat.

3. Fix the loosened skin with thread or Endotine.

4. Since it requires incision behind ear, scar is invisible.

5. It makes a defined facial line on chin area.

It takes around one hour and 
it will be performed under IV sleep-sedation or general anesthesia. 
And the stitches will be removed out 7~ 10 days after surgery.

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    1. Thank you for the comment. Let's share the useful information for neck wrinkles.

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