Friday 11 January 2013

[BK Plastic Surgery] Dark Circle Correction

Dark Circle Correction

Black Dark Circle under eyes!

If you are suffering from dark circle, 
and even makeup can't conceal dark circle under your eyes, 
you should consider to try more effective way.

What is Dark Circle?

Dark circles are due to weakened shield covering fat underneath eyelid 
that causes bulging and shadowy appearance.

Individuals with dark circles may look aged or fatigue, 
so correction must be considered.

Correction of Dark Circles

Dark circles are usually classified into 4 types, 
and it is important to choose suitable method for individual.

-Loosened eyelids with fat: Fat removal on lower eyelids

What is the benefit

Individuals in 20s and 30s have better results 
due to more elasticity in their skin. 

There is no visible scar 
since the incision is made along the inner surface of eyelids.

  1. Resect inner surface of lower eyelids for 5mm.
2. Remove unnecessary fat.

-Bulging fat yet sunken lower eyelids: Fat relocation

What is fat relocation?

Instead of removing unnecessary fat, 
it is relocated in order to even the skin surface on lower eyelid. 

If there is not enough fat to fill up the sunken part, 
autologous fat grafting may be necessary.

1.  Resect near the lower eyelashes.
2. Make a partial removal of excess fat.
3. Relocate remaining fat to broad area and fix it firmly.

-Sunken lower eyelids: Autologous fat graft

Dark Circle correction using autologous fat

Grafting excess fat from own thighs, hips and abdomen is 
another method to correct dark circles, 
and also known for body contouring effect 
since the procedures grafts unnecessary fat from own body. 

BK Plastic Surgery Hospital developed to increase the survival rate of grafted fat cells 
to enhance lasting period and results of the procedures.

Must remember before fat grafting:

Since fat grafting is considered as a challenging procedure 
that it might cause lumps or over-absorption of fat due to misinjection, 
the procedure must be performed by a specialist.

Sunken lower eyelids: Filler injection

Dark Circle Correction using filler injection

Filler is substance injected to either skin or underneath subcutaneous tissue to create volume. 

Injection with natural substance such as hyaluronic acid can correct dark circles 
enhancing youthful appearance.

What is the benefit

It is more effective when depression is not too severe. 

Reinjection after certain period of time is necessary 
in order to maintain the result 
since it usually lasts up to 1 year.

Today, we talked about several Dark Circle Correction of BK Plastic Surgery Hospital.
Why don't you get rid of Dark Circle by those procedures?

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