Monday 8 October 2012

[BK Plastic Surgery] Have you heard about Forehead Lift ?

 Have you heard about Forehead Lift ? 

Today, we will talk about forehead lift. We have previously shared about face lift, 
and I know some of you may have thought
"I don't have wrinkles entirely on my face. It's just my forehead that bothers me."
Regardless of age, wrinkles on forehead are easily formed due to
such habits of raising eyebrows or frowning frequently.

Wrinkles on your forehead can very much be frustrating
because it makes you look old which no woman on this earth sincerely desires.
Today, let's look at BK forehead lift which has been very popular among women
from various age groups.

At BK Plastic Surgery, special needles called Endotines are used
for forehead lift via endoscope.
5 small pinpoints on each Endotine hold the skin tissue and pull up the skin
to remove firmly wrinkles.

1. Incision

Incision is normally made at 3 places behind of hairline and 
2 places in side of both ears for 1-2 cm length.
After incision, an endoscope is inserted to proceed the surgery. 

2. Separation & Fixation

1. Separate tissues from forehead and underneath temporal fascia of side hairline.
2. Resect the muscle which creates wrinkles between the eyes. 
3. Pull up the separated tissues using Endotine and firmly fix on forehead. 

forehead lift using Endotine effectively and safely improves
wrinkles on forehead and droopy eyes.
Once Endotine is placed to pull up tissues,
it adheres and dissolves within a year leaving long lasting results.


Troubles with wrinkles on your forehead ? 
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