Saturday 8 September 2012

Tips on Fall Make-Up

  Tips on Fall Make-Up  

 September is here ! It means Fall is right at the door.
I'm sure we all have our certain way of styling hair and clothes when Fall comes. 
It applies the same to make-up style as well. 

If you used vivid color to fun up your make-up during Summer,
creating beautiful shades using brown color can make you look chic and sophisticated. 
Let's take a look at easy tips on how to try Fall make-up. 

Your skin needs to stay hydrated for Fall make-up. 

Hydration is an important key to achieve Fall make-up this season. 
Apply BB cream or foundation lightly on your skin and cover up your problematic spots using concealer to create a flawless skin.  

The key point of Fall make-up for this season is 
to create sophisticated look of eyes. 

Apply eye shadows in brown color as base on your overall eyelids. 
Then, create a shading by applying darker shade gradually. 
Using pearl shadows is a great way to create a velvet texture. 

When drawing eye lines, instead of applying a thick eye line,
make a thin line with a pointy ends.
Do not apply to much eye liners on the under line as well
to create a define look.

Stay in nude color for your lips this Fall.

Nude pink is strongly recommended this season 

for its pink shade can create a innocent yet chic look. 

We have found out about the key points on Fall make-up.
Silky skin, brown eyes, and nude lips ? You are the it girl for this season ! 

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